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“Robert is a strong leader of a development team. He is very analytic, but has still the right level of pragmatism in realization.”

“I worked together with Robert when I was working for OLYMPUS. He was one of our consultants for the development of software for laboratory automation devices. Robert provided excellent services and later on he was the one driving the software development and the team for the main product line. Robert is very competent, reliable, easy to work with and a very good team player/manager.”
Markus Menner, Manager Product Development Center, at Olympus (Olympus® AU-Connector)

“I know Robert since several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile, which makes working easier.
Besides being a joy to work with, Robert is a person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Furthermore, he is perfect in translating market and customer requirements to product ideas. And he is able to finalize these ideas to products. He was an asset to our R&D efforts, and Robert was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company by his all-around know-how.
I highly recommend each company to work with Robert. They will have an extraordinary expert at their side for their future success.”
Klaus Tomasini, Global Senior Product Manager, at Olympus (Olympus® AU-Connector)

“During my time at Beckman Coulter, I had the opportunity to work with Robert over the course of a couple of months. During this time, Roberts displayed his extensive experience in the robotics as well as artificial intelligence (in particularly, genetic programming) area. Luckily, he extends this experience not only to the software development, but also to the writing of concepts as well as the overall architecture of complex systems, driving topics from start to end. Working with Robert has been a real pleasure, and I’m looking forward to working with him again in other projects.”
Axel Seibert, Project Manager, Ergorion (Beckman & Coulter; Next Generation of Lab Automation)

“I worked with Robert M Wenzel and his consultancy for several years on multiple projects. As a System architect he has an excellent overview of the project, and is a strong team lead. He was always very focused on the current needs, very supporting whenever needed, and very reliable. I can strongly recommend him.”
Frank Steinhauer, Software Engineer at Beckman Coulter
(AutoMate 2500&#174 and Beckman & Coulter Next Gen Medical Lab Automation)

“Robert M. Wenzel worked with me at a Lab Automation Project as a System Architect. He is very competent in this field and never lost the view on the big picture. We had an constructive and successful working relationship. He is strongly customer oriented.”
Frank Senn, Software Engineer at Beckman Coulter
(AutoMate 2500&#174 and Beckman & Coulter Next Gen Medical Lab Automation)

“I as quality manager worked with Robert who was as external developer part of the SW development team. Robert is the kind of guy quality people like to work with: Structured, understanding the (regulatory) requirements, following and driving the SW development process.”
Alexander Thern, Quality Manager, at Olympus (Olympus® AU-Connector)

“I worked with Robert on development and implementation of a large scale medical automation project. Robert’s showed an exceptional ability to cover all aspects of the project. Robert was professional and focused when interfacing with the customer while helping develop a robust solution to fit the customer’s needs. In addition, Robert’s technical knowledge helped ensure implementation hurtles were resolved quickly and the project was delivered on time.”
Ryan Hille, Vice President, Allient Technologies Group LLC
(Medical Automation System for Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA)

“I have worked with Robert developing and deploying large automation systems for the medical industry. His understanding of complex software / hardware solutions and dedication / quality of work are evident in the end product. The original system we worked on together is still in use today and the client is quite happy with the end result. I would work with Robert again without hesitation.”
Jeff Bennett, President, Allient Technologies Group LLC
(Medical Sample Distribution System for Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA)

“Roberts wide range of expertise was evident and extremely helpful. From insight within the consulting field to in-depth resume review, his perspective as a hiring manager and business leader helped me to refine my resume and best highlight my strengths. I am greatly satisfied with how much I was able to gain from just 30 minutes with Robert. I highly recommend his services!”
Ali Imad Fadlallah via Evisor

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We are quoted as experts on robotics, software development, machine learning (artificial intelligence), life science, and health care technologies on regular base. Feel free to send your enquiry now…

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Our Projects

We are proud of having a series of strong achievements in making world leading high-tech products and services in medical laboratory automation, building automation, material control systems, intelligent pattern recognition, sound design, and more. For more information please contact us

One of our biggest international projects the AutoMate 2500&#174 Family

Another international project from us:
The Prototype of the Olympus AU-Connector

denro one black + white
denro view + switch + plug

One of our start-ups:
Co-Founded the cooperation denro (building automation)
Robert M Wenzel was CEO 2008-2010 (Sold to Siemens AG)
Pictures: denro one, denro view, denro switch, and denro plug

denro ONE as Siemens Roomcontroller on the cover page of the Siemens Gamma Product Catalogue 2015 (image copyright (c) Siemens

denro ONE as Siemens Roomcontroller on the cover page of the Siemens Gamma Product Catalogue 2015 (image copyright (c) Siemens)

QuickCog Adaptive System Architecture

Adaptive System Architecture Design of QuickCog
Intelligent Pattern Recognition
(QuickCog was start-up of us. It was sold to Olympus.)

Our Clients

Our customer relationships are trustful, loyal and long term commercially successful partnerships. We are an independent consultancy and helping with system design and R&D in healthcare. More specifically, robotics, machine learning, life science, software, medical devices etc. For more information please contact us…

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