Kick-Starting Consultation Session

Our kick-starting consultation session is designed to provide clients with an introduction to Director Robert M Wenzel’s proven visionary healthcare system architecture designs. During the 30 minute session, clients will gain valuable, industry-specific best practice insights, trends as well as high-level strategic advice for executing a successful system design, software development project, human-robot interaction, robotics system etc. in healthcare. Why not enquire a kick-starting consultation session, now?

Next Generation of Lab Automation
– A new International Project –

Next Generation of Lab Automation – A new International Project

London Global Laboratories is working on the development and implementation of a large-scale medical lab automation project on behalf of a client from us. More specifically, we are advising the international software architecture and system teams as well as supporting our client with hands-on drafting concepts and developing software

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Cover page for one of our developments – What a success story and a wonderful end of the year

denro ONE as Siemens Roomcontroller on the cover page of the Siemens Gamma Product Catalogue 2015 - Feature Image

I am truly pleased to see the denro ONE on the cover page of a Siemens product catalogue again, now called Siemens Room Controller. The product was developed by the company denro, of which I was one of the co-founders

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Fascination Genetic Programming

Marie Rose With Colour Guidance

Genetic Programming applied in evolving scheduling heuristics, real time robot controls and art

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LGL supports The Ocean Cleanup Team

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup technology appears to be feasible and environmentally friendly whilst tackling an important environmental issue

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A Play In Squares

A Play In Squares

A Play In Squares – An Inspirational Saturday Morning Fun

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Webinar on Careers & Trends in Healthcare (Update)

Careers & Trends in Healthcare

With the rapidly changing healthcare & medicine industry, plenty of new exciting opportunities are arising…FREE LIVE WEBINAR: February 20th 2014, 7:00pm (GMT)

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As Amazon raise the possibility of drone delivery, are unmanned aerial vehicles the most exciting technology on the horizon?

Technology Horizons

Today’s technology advances in very fast pace. Nearly every day a new breakthrough technology like the amazon’s drone delivery was revealed. Google made with its driverless cars quite a lot of headlines, too. However, I wonder if this is really the most exciting technology on the horizon

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What exactly is Big Data and How to explain it?

Big Data

As I first came across the term Big Data I thought it doesn’t say anything about what it is. For sure programmers will understand it. However, what would be the best way to explain it to customers who don’t have a PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics

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Help The Robot And The Robot Helps You – Personalized Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction

In a couple of years’ time, robots will be part of the everyday lives in public and private spaces as well as e.g. collaboration systems in industrial domains. A personalized Human-Robot interaction using the “internal” language could improve the Human-Robot interaction

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Press Release: London Global Laboratories Launches New Consulting Package to Help Businesses Grow Using Intelligent Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new consulting package aimed at helping businesses grow using innovative machine learning

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